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Powerful observability, analytics, and evaluation for your AI-powered products.

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Capture, analyze, improve


Capture all of your AI product data

Get the full picture of your model's performance. Log inputs and outputs and seamlessly enrich them with metadata and user feedback.


Analyze model performance

Figure out how your model is really working, and where you can improve. Monitor for errors and discover underperforming cohorts and use cases.


Improve your model using user feedback

The best models are built on user data. Programmatically gather unusual or underperforming examples to retrain your model.


Test AI like you test software

Stop manually reviewing thousands of outputs when changing your prompt or model. Evaluate your LLM-powered apps programmatically.


Roll out changes safely

Detect and fix degradations quickly. Monitor new deployments in real-time and seamlessly edit the version of your app your users interact with.

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Your models. Your data. Enterprise-ready.

Bring your own models and data

Connect your self-hosted or third-party model and your existing data sources.

Scale effortlessly

Process enterprise-scale data with our serverless streaming dataflow engine.

Secure your data

Gantry is SOC-2 compliant and built with enterprise-grade authentication.

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What customers are saying

“With Gantry’s help, we’ve been able to falsify hypotheses in record time and that has allowed us to direct our product development with speed and confidence. ”
Karolus Sariola
"Gantry gets me fast, fine-grained insights into my models’ behavior. I can explore right in Gantry’s UI, and then pull down the data for a deeper dive or more modeling."
David Adamson
Staff ML Engineer

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